A message from our President

Thank you for visiting Operation Thank an Officer. My personal motto has always been, “What more can I do?’ With our brand new website, you’ll be able to help us grow as an organization. Our new site will allow you to send your thanks to law enforcement officials, apply for scholarships and donate, all with just one click!

In 2014, I sat in front of my television screen, as most of the nation did, watching protests rage in places like Baltimore and Ferguson. Tears filled my eyes knowing the long hours, little sleep and stress the men and women in uniform were facing. That night, after my own law enforcement official came home, I asked him if anyone had ever thanked him. His answer was simple, not often.

Since that day our mission has been clear, thank as many law enforcement officials in our nation as possible. Soon after Operation Thank an Officer was founded we added our scholarship programs to support law enforcement families and those pursuing a degree in law enforcement.

But we can’t do what we do without your support. Because of your donations, your letters and your belief in our mission, Operation Thank an Officer continues to grow. And as we do, let us know what more you think we can do to help our men and women in uniform!

Liz Gerads
President, Operation Thank an Officer