It’s that time of the year again! #PoliceWeek

Our favorite time of the year is coming up very soon, police week! Last year we received just over 8,000 thank you cards and this year we want to collect at least 10,000 cards that we can distribute to our officers both locally and nationally!

We have some ideas for you!

How about a power hour at the office? Have a competition between your coworkers to see how many letters everyone can write in an hour and then send them to us! If you need help with this, we can gather the resources for you! For more info, email Liz at

Do you teach or work at a day care or a school? We know that these budgets can be tight, so we are willing to give you the supplies you need to make letters! To request help with supplies, contact Liz at


Once you’ve created your letters, send them to us!

Operation Thank an Officer

PO Box 92

Montrose, MN 55363


For questions email Liz at

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